Thursday, July 24, 2008

A day full of surprises

We've got quite a bit going on today in the WDCB Newsroom. Tonight on Final Edition, host Gary Zidek will bring you a story on the value of a college education and you'll also hear a local attorney who specializes in product liability lawsuits. This summer has prompted an increase in a particular type of liability lawsuit and you might be surprised what products are driving the increase. It's Thursday and that means the University of Illinois Extension's Richard Henscel will be on hand for our weekly segment "Greenside Up," and tonight Richard is joined by former Greenside host Sue Grupp. Looking a little further forward, you know to tomorrow, I think we've got some really interesting stories for our listeners. Undoubtedly you've heard about the nation's foreclosure crisis, but you might be surprised to learn 70 percent of people facing foreclosure NEVER contact their lender. The Illinois Treasurer's office has been hosting a series of public meetings this week to educate people about how to respond to the crisis. But the meetings aren't targeting people facing foreclosure, instead they're trying to reach out to the friends...families and churches of foreclosure victims. It's an interesting approach to address a problem that is affecting every part of Illinois. We'll also have a story on an airshow of sorts this weekend at the Dupage Airport. Wings of Freedom will bring a fleet of World War II era aircraft to the West Chicago facility. WDCB's Gary Zidek says among the planes on display will be a B-17, a B-25 and a P-51 Mustang. It's getting harder and harder to get an up close look at these aviation classics, we'll tell when and why they're on display in our newscasts throughout the day on Friday. Finally, the Dupage County Fair is underway, and you might be surprised to find out what organization is making its first ever appearance at the fair this week. So that's what we've got going about you? If you can't pick up WDCB's signal on your radio...make sure to check us out on-line at Thanks for listening and as always let me know if you've got a good story idea for us.

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